Meet our people. The Finance Watch staff are organised into four teams: research, public affairs, communications and operations.

  • Benoît Lallemand

    Benoît Lallemand

    Secretary General

    +32 2 880 0430

    Benoît (Belgian) is our Secretary General. He is an expert in market infrastructure, asset servicing and data reporting. He has ten years' experie...

  • Giulia Porino

    Giulia Porino

    Membership, Outreach and Expertise Coordinator

    +32 2 880 0445

    Giulia (Italian) coordinates the activities of Finance Watch with its members and with a broader group of stakeholders, while expanding the outreac...

  • Christian M. Stiefmüller

    Christian M. Stiefmüller

    Senior Policy Analyst

    +32 2 880 0430

    Christian (Austrian) is responsible for Finance Watch's work on the banking sector. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a...

  • Mireille J. Martini

    Mireille J. Martini

    Research and Advocacy Officer, Financial systems for sustainability

    +32 2 880 0430

    At Finance Watch, we believe that finance must change if it is to finance change. Our economies need to become sustainable, i.e. respectful of plan...

  • Greg Ford

    Greg Ford

    Strategic Adviser

    Greg (British) is advising Finance Watch on strategic and communications questions.

    Before joining the NGO world, he spent nearly ten ...

  • Charlotte Geiger

    Charlotte Geiger

    Senior Communications Officer

    +32 2 880 0441

    Charlotte (German) is responsible for press and communications at Finance Watch. She is a specialist in press relations, social and new media and p...

  • Ayda Kaplan

    Ayda Kaplan

    Office Manager

    +32 2 880 0430

    Belgian, academic researcher


  • Christophe Gilson

    Christophe Gilson

    Finance & Operations Officer

    +32 2 880 0447

    Christophe (Belgian) is responsible for all financial and budget matters at Finance Watch since joining the team in Janu...