Mireille J. Martini

Senior Research and Advocacy Officer

As Senior Research and Advocacy Officer, Mireille is working on financial systems for sustainability. This includes the workstream on Natural Capital, and the legislative, research and campaign work on sustainable finance, including representing Finance Watch in various experts groups.

At Finance Watch, we believe that finance must change if it is to finance change. Our economies need to become sustainable, i.e. respectful of planetary boundaries as well as more stable, long-term oriented and benefitting the public interest. Mireille's role at Finance Watch is to reinforce our expertise and advocacy in supporting the relevant develoments of financial systems.

Mireille gained her climate finance expertise working with leading experts in the field, notably for COP 21 (she was a reporter of the Canfin-Grandjean Commission on Mobilising Climate Finance and associated to the Stern-Stiglitz Commission on Carbon Pricing). She also has a long experience as an investment banker in both private equity and infrastructure financing having worked for Banque Paribas in Paris, EBRD in London and the French national development bank Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. She holds an MBA in International Finance from the French Business School ESSEC.