Short-term betting

Incentivize sustainable investing

Make financial markets serve the economy

Recommendation 1:
Require the full disclosure of intermediation costs along the chain, both to institutional and retail investors

Recommendation 2:
Label financial products based on a ‘social usefulness scale’ (e.g. whether it is investing or betting; whether it discloses environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, etc.)

Recommendation 3:
Align the incentives of asset managers with metrics linked to their long term performance.

Recommendation 4:
Provide tax incentives for long term, sustainable investment

Recommendation 5:
Introduce product design rules to protect retail investors and occupational pension schemes from unsuitable products

Recommendation 6:
Align the incentives of financial sales staff with the interests of their customers, ban 'inducements'

Recommendation 7:
Regulate high frequency trading

What else needs to be solved?