Robert Jenkins' partial list of bank misdeeds

Date published: 26 October 2016

Bob Jenkins list

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#5 Eagle Eye 6 September 2016
This is staggering. What a corrupt bunch of shysters the banks are. Fining the shareholders of such institutions is wrong. Seizing the assets of the crooks personally would be more effective. Plus long jail terms.
#4 Mark Steeds 2 August 2016
What about the sale of so-called "distressed property loans", some CRE, some domestic, to unscrupulous, unregulated, tax-evading private equity "vulture" funds, many of which are based in Wall St. where the problem started? A large proportion of these property businesses are still viable, and are only over-borrowed because of the banks' aggressive and irresponsible lending in the past, and the selling to them of inappropriate financial products.
#3 Barrie Singleton 30 July 2016
UK CORRUPTION now so all encompassing even Transparency International corruptly rates UK 14th best.
#2 APR4SMEs 31 January 2016
Good to see that others agree that 'abusive small business lending practices' are an issue and need redress. We have started a campaign to get an APR for SME finance so that there is less opportunity for banks and others to hide costs from unsuspecting businesses. Please sign the petition at if you agree.
#1 GP 8 January 2016
The ethical founders of todays banks (the ones that remained until recently the survivors from huundreds that were reckless in the 1800s) would be turning in their grave and those that have been allowed in the banking industry and not blackballed by the city for life

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