Understanding finance

  • Understanding Finance #4: Bank capital – the return of the myth

    31 March 2016

    Bank capital is topical again. In this multimedia dossier – the fourth in our “Understanding Finance” series - you can learn what bank capital is and why the rules about bank capital are controversial. The first part explains why banks need capital, how it is regulated, and why bankers like to operate with less capital than society needs them to have. The second part looks at some of the controversies: how much capital banks should have, how this affects the real economy, and how the banking lobby tries to argue for less capital.

  • Understanding Finance #3: What kind of financial markets do we need?

    28 September 2015

    In this multimedia dossier you can learn what financial markets are for and how they have developed in recent decades. In the second part, we look at some of the lobby myths told about financial markets and explain why Finance Watch thinks they are mistaken.

  • Understanding Finance #2 - Financial services in TTIP?

    Charlotte Geiger
    10 October 2014

    This multimedia dossier will make you familiar with some important facts you need to know about the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” (TTIP), which is currently being negotiated between the United States and the European Union.

  • Understanding Finance #1 - Splitting megabanks?

    21 March 2014

    The European Commission's legislative proposal on bank structure reform released in January 2014 has been long awaited. Five years after the most severe financial crisis in 80 years hit the global economy, analysts from all sides agree that the European banking system remains dominated by a handful of too-big-to-fail universal banks so huge that their failure would threaten whole economies. This multimedia dossier gives you a non-technical overview on the issue of bank separation and explains Finance Watch’s position on this crucial issue. Beyond the jargon, the core question is actually a simple one: should megabanks be split?