The EU has published more than 30 legislative texts on financial issues since 2010, and that only covers areas where regulators agreed that reform was both necessary and possible. To achieve its vision with limited resources, Finance Watch therefore has to be highly selective is choosing which legislative dossiers to react to and which other issues to engage with.

The guidelines for choosing both reactive and proactive topics are as follows:

  • Topics on which the impact of finance on society and public interest is particularly important
  • Topics on which Finance Watch has the capacity to deliver given limited resource
  • Topics on which Finance Watch can make a difference through its depth of research
  • Topics on which Finance Watch can have a meaningful impact through an efficient lobby  
  • Topics on which FW can voice the general interest of society as expressed by its members collectively, and go beyond specific particular interests of individual member organizations

The choice of required topics is approved by members at a General Assembly, acting on a proposal from the Board. The Board’s proposal is based on advice from the secretariat and consultation with members. The secretariat can also work on other topics that meet the criteria above, resource permitting.

Annual work plans are submitted for members’ approval in advance every year in November. In addition, a three year strategic plan for the period 2013-2016 is now being developed with members.

The Board’s draft Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 was presented to members at the November 2012 AGM. Members were invited to comment in writing by 5 January 2013. The Board’s revised Strategic Plan will be presented to members for final approval in the April 2013 AGM.