Webinar "The Capital Food-Chain"

Date: 24 November 2017
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: Online

The capital food-chain: how is capital allocated, by whom and along which criteria?


The challenges facing our society - environmental, social, infrastructure-related... - call for investments, and for a redirection of capital. Policies at the international, regional, national and local levels are being deployed to foster the allocation of capital where it is deemed important. But how is capital monitored? How are choices made, and by whom?

This 45-minute presentation will take you through the capital allocation process, and help you understand who the key actors are (investment funds, banks, private investors, hedge funds...), what criteria they use to choose to invest (and bet) in one direction or the other, and what societal impact we can expect from these decisions. This accessible and informative session aims to pave the way for organisations and other groups, to explore possibilities to allocate capital in ways that it can meet societal needs. 

Speaker: Aline Fares - Author, public speaker and activist

Date: 24 November 2017, 1pm-2pm