Webinar "What is investment banking?"

Date: 16 December 2014
Time: 13:00 CET - 13:45 CET

d808278c-7bdc-4277-a96a-b84835475987On 2 December, the ECON Committee of the European Parliament invited Finance Watch and other experts to a public hearing in order to discuss the important proposal for a structural reform of the EU banking sector. The question is whether and to what extent the different activities of universal banks should be separated. But do you actually know what kind of different activities exist?

While it is quite easy to imagine what commercial banking is (deposits, loans, payment system), few people outside the financial sector know what happens inside an investment bank or what is meant by terms such as proprietary trading, market making, M&A, underwriting …

Aline Fares, who worked for quite a while as an advisor in the banking sector before joining Finance Watch, made a tour into the world of investment banking and answered questions of participants in this webinar.

Watch the video here: