Past events

  • Representation of public interest in banking

    Representation of public interest in banking

    Date: 7 December 2016
    Time: 9:00 - 18:30
    Venue: Bibliothèque Royale, Brussels

    What blocks the public and interest groups from participating in banking? This one-day event combines plenary sessions with 8 parallel sessions, allowing the participants to explore the multiple dimensions and possible answers to the questions raised.

  • Sustainability within the Capital Market Union: ensuring alignment with EU social and environmental commitments

    Date: 15 June 2016
    Time: 16:00 - 18:00
    Venue: European Parliament - 60 Rue Wiertz, 1047 Bruxelles

    How to ensure the Capital Market Union project is better aligned with the EU’s broader sustainability commitments? An European Parliament event on 15 June co-organised by Finance Watch

  • Conference "Between a rock and a hard place: The future of traditional banking"

    Date: 1 June 2016
    Time: 12:45 - 17:30
    Venue: Royal Library of Belgium, Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels

    Videos, pictures and speeches of our 2016 Finance Watch conference "Between a rock and a hard place: The future of traditional banking"

  • Webinar on bank resolution

    Date: 21 March 2016
    Time: 13:00 CET - 13:45 CET

    In our webinar on 21 March 2016, Christian M. Stiefmüller, senior policy analyst at Finance Watch, will give a general introduction on banking resolution and what Finance Watch suggests to make our banking system really safe and sound.

  • Conference “Confidence, ethics, and incentives in the financial sector”

    Date: 17 November 2015
    Time: 13:30 - 17:45
    Venue: Hotel Leopold, Rue du Luxembourg 35, 1050 Brussels

    Finance Watch's public conference, “Confidence, ethics, and incentives in the financial sector”, took place on the afternoon of 17 November in Brussels, followed by a cocktail reception.

  • Conference "Finance and Climate": How to shift the model?

    Date: 5 November 2015
    Time: 18:00 - 21:00
    Venue: ESCP Europe, 79 avenue de la République, Paris 11ème (Metro Rue Saint-Maur)

    Ahead of the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) in December, Finance Watch, ESCP Europe and a coalition of civil society organizations invite you to a conference-debate on "Finance and Climate: How to shift the model?" It will be held on Thursday 5 November from 18h until 21h at ESCP in Paris. Free admission.

  • Webinar on securitisation

    Date: 27 July 2015
    Time: 13:00 CEST - 14:00 CEST

    In our webinar on Monday 27 July, Frédéric Hache, Head of Policy Analysis at Finance Watch, will explained what securitisation is all about.

  • Webinar on Capital Markets Union

    Date: 11 May 2015
    Time: 13:00 CEST - 14:00 CEST

    Frédéric Hache, Finance Watch’s Head of Policy Analysis, will give you a short presentation of his view on the Capital Markets Union and would be pleased to answer your questions in the following Q&A.

  • Webinar on Level 2 rulemaking

    Date: 2 April 2015
    Time: 1:00pm - 1:45pm

    On 2 April, 1pm CET, Finance Watch’s Senior Public Affairs Officer, Katarzyna Hanula-Bobbitt, will make a citizen’s tour of how Level 2 works.

  • Conference "The long term financing agenda – the way to sustainable growth?"

    Date: 4 February 2015
    Time: 09:30 - 17:30
    Venue: Square - Brussels Meeting Centre, Mont des Arts, Brussels

    A Finance Watch conference on Capital Markets Union, “good” securitisation, the ubiquitous role of collateral and alternative paths to jobs and growth. Commissioner Jonathan Hill will speak.