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27 September 2017BloombergCryptocurrency Derivatives? You Bet. This Trader Has 295% Return
7 July 2017CGTNG20 confronts difficult negotiations over tax, financial regulation
6 July 2017Capital.bgTwo bankruptcies and a Funeral
3 July 2017BloombergItaly's Bank Funeral Shows EU Still Using Crisis Playbook
7 June 2017BloombergEurope’s Bank Undertaker Passes Its First Test
31 May 2017EuractivBoosting investment in the green economy
26 April 2017BloombergEU Eyes Taxpayer Cash to Help Ailing Banks Offload Bad Loans
24 March 2017EU ObserverSMEs lack support in EU financial plan
23 March 2017EU Reporter#MyMoneyEU: Finance Watch says consumer protection must come first
24 January 2017EU Reporter#CMU: Finance Watch says Capital Markets Union remains mostly unchanged, despite concerns raised by civil society