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12 October 2016EuObserver#FinanceWatch: Commission ‘should present ambitious plans to help consumers navigate capital markets
7 October 2016PoliticoMorning Exchange: Basel IV timing — ECB tease — Deutsche Bank reality check
5 October 2016PoliticoFinance Watch chief says regulators are playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun
30 September 2016Eureporter #DeutscheBank: German government 'will have to intervene' if no improvement
30 September 2016PoliticoMorning Exchange: Resolution blues — Insolvency rules — Globalization debate
19 September 2016EuractivCommission champions ‘laissez-faire’ in first response to FinTech revolution
14 September 2016PoliticoMorning Exchange: Brexit’s silent treatment — Basel voices — Draghi on inequality
7 September 2016Financial TimesA longer spell on the ‘naughty step’ will benefit banks
8 August 2016PoliticoMorning Exchange: Dimon and MPS — New UK rules — More TBTF
3 August 2016PoliticoThe banks, sadly, that can’t die