Press coverage

Date Article source Article
3 September 2015BloombergEU’s Disjointed National Laws May Undermine Capital Markets Push
9 June 2015Europolitics"The Council is proposing an empty banking reform" ($)
27 May 2015PoliticoECON Committee falls short on bank rules change
21 May 2015ReutersEU told rules on commodity price speculation risk losing their teeth
19 May 2015PoliticoThe Commission goes big on downsizing
18 May 2015EuropoliticsBetter regulation: New watchdog network ready to bark
18 May 2015EuractivNGOs launch watchdog to keep an eye on the Commission's 'Better Regulation'
11 May 2015La CroixLa réforme des banques est-elle allée assez loin?
1 May 2015EU ObserverNew EU laws to pass 'regulation test'
26 March 2015European VoiceStraining at the controls ($)