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21 June 2016EuractivFor citizens’ sake, play it safe with securitisation
13 June 2016EU Reporter#Securitisation: Europe fails to learn lessons from financial crisis
27 May 2016Revue BanqueCommission européenne : « Légiférer moins, légiférer mieux »
24 May 2016L'AGEFI QuotidienBruxelles renonce à fixer un plancher de capital pour la résolution bancaire
17 May 2016ReutersEuro zone banks face profitability shock, need to consolidate - ECB's Praet
29 April 2016ReutersMore EU banks may come under scope of global bail-in rules
16 January 2016Daily TelegraphThe Big Short gives a rare peek at City life
11 January 2016The IndependentFCA attacked for considering the return of commission sales
18 December 2015The IndependentGeorge Osborne met with senior bankers five times since election, Treasury confirms
20 November 2015La CelosíaFinance Watch invita a los ciudadanos a exigir a la banca un compromiso mayor con la sociedad